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Sponsoring at LATEX

About LATE Partnerships

LATE is a knowledge-sharing platform — a place where collaboration is the glue that binds people together. LATE Partnerships allow corporations, LATE talents and the LATE community from the worlds of art, entertainment, technology and design to collaborate in a human-centered way.

This is an invitation — an opportunity for corporations to become a part of LATE’s global culture of innovation. Participatory, informal and explosive, this program brings experts from the LATE community and industry together to work on projects that require different points of view.

Why Partner with LATE?

To engage with the future, to find elusive audiences, to test your ideas and to create a tangible relationship. Becoming a LATE partner means you share in our mission of spreading ideas that might change the world, join our community of thought leaders, and benefit from an individually tailored sponsorship.

Please email for more information.